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Well! I really can’t exactly tell u folks about myself and as people keep changing so do I. As my profession demands lots of travelling, so I get an opportunity to meet different people with different experiences, age and profession and a little bit of time for reading. So, I finally decided to pen some of these experiences and share with these with you. For me Life is a learning tool, which makes you shape yourself from each mistake. Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you have- I believe in this The Most.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Love

Wandering aimlessly in the cold dark nights
thinking where and when will it end?
One night my eyes meet with a charismatic spark
Looking for it, I went through the boggy roads,
My heart lurched seeing her with glittering eyes
Dropping curtains to a much awaited wait…..

I spent the whole day thinking of her each morning,
And dreaming of her each night,
I cannot express my delight,
When I dream of her arms holding me tight.

She is sweet and her smile is the best
Her laugh bring flutters to my chest
she makes me feel all warm and silly
She looks so ‘Cute’ when she blushes,
Making me mush.

I like the way she smells,
maybe like a jasmine or rose or lilies
I like the way she walks,
her voice as sweet as the singing larks

Flaring of her nose is a reason for me to live, to stay,
I don’t dance but I would love to hold her when she does.
And twinkle in her eyes takes my breath away,
There is lot to say but your eyes are not letting say..

Seeing these in her,
I pinched myself to know,
If she is real or am I dreaming
Is it hot in here or is it just her?

-From a philander turned true lover….


  1. Hi,

    From one true lover to another..
    Beautiful emotions, keep writing~

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  3. Hi ,nice to read you..nice poem..I liked it wwhen u said"A lot to say..but ur eyes r not letting me say..very romantic:)Hope to read more from your side..

  4. Sorry for being so late..i am happy becos you three encouraged to write more..thanks a lot for your support:)

  5. Hey I liked those lines, simply awesome !

  6. wow..awesome mam...some thing so pure true...lovelyyy

  7. realy appriciable...:)luvd to read..

  8. Thanks @ vijay;@ apeksha;@ priyanka; @ gowthami, for ur comments..

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