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Well! I really can’t exactly tell u folks about myself and as people keep changing so do I. As my profession demands lots of travelling, so I get an opportunity to meet different people with different experiences, age and profession and a little bit of time for reading. So, I finally decided to pen some of these experiences and share with these with you. For me Life is a learning tool, which makes you shape yourself from each mistake. Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you have- I believe in this The Most.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

As we all know tomorrow is a Valentine’s Day, a doubt has raised in my mind, whether the purpose of the occasion is to express your feelings towards your love or is to promise your love that you will never let her go or is it both. The reason behind this was after all how many couples get united and get married to have a happy life.

Once a few months ago, I and my friend along with his girl friend and her friend were partying in their room and after the party got finished, both couples started pulling each others legs, which turned into a big fight and it went on till saying “I Hate You” and they both never again tired to meet. After looking into the details, I felt it could have been solved with in few minutes with a normal talk. There was one more instant, when I was working for Coke; I had an opportunity to work with a German Engineer, who told me that his girl friend bid Adieu for their relationship, because he was in some other country for three months on work and had no enough time for her.

After looking into many relationships like these, I felt where did all these feelings and promises go, which were shown on Valentine’s Day.  Are we diluting the importance of this day or are we not in a serious relationship or is it a day where you spend money for gifts, flowers & confectionaries to make the world believe that you are serious in love . I Agree that relationships break if one of them is a cheat or not serious or not truthful and a relationship does not exist if both of them are not serious or as many people call it as just for fun.

Both these points above are harmful for the environment of Love, which keep polluting the essence of Love and these spread across the societies like a virus, infecting the whole world. So, we all should not only celebrate the Day with lots of joy, love and happiness, but make sure that we ourselves don’t become the Virus.


  1. very good point. love is something you share, this day is to share and express that love. to many fail to see it for what it is. once you find it in your self share it for all to see.

  2. Sorry for your frnd...I feel most of life's problem can be solved by simple conversation...
    people now a days thinks its joke to try relationship and if it not works them forget it...
    Good effort kiran liked it....waiting for more

  3. Nice post, I must add I think the true meaning of Valentines Day has be long forgotten by many and replaced by the material things "we all think we are supposed to buy" on this day. Seriously, I myself would rather have a home cooked meal, hand made note/card, and a wild daisy weed from the backyard or a rose plucked from the garden over the fancy 100$+ dinner, the overly priced roses (that die in 3 days) and a 6$ card that isn't unique.

  4. Valentine's day has been reduced to a money making racket by card and gift companies. Agreeable point of view Kiran...

  5. I agree to you when you say that it's just become a way of spending money for some gifts and confectioneries ,when you seem not to really believe in the relationship.Why not spend the same money to the relationships you have trust in? your mother/friend?visit my blog ,where I have written on these lines.

  6. I agree with you!, thanks for stopping by at Our blog, following you now!
    Angela & Angelica

  7. I Thank Roy, Sneha, debbie, kriti, angela & Angelica and rajji for spending some valuable time of theirs in reading my posts..It's very great full to have all you people here..

  8. Thanks for sharing your experience here with us!
    Totally agree with you..Now a days people are showing off their love in front of others but in real they do not love each other as they show to the world..And when the one's love him/her with all his/her heart and when other reject it really hurts a lot! and sometimes it makes life living worthless!

    Nice point of view :)
    Happy Valentine's Day !!

  9. I agree with you... with our fast changing lifestyle and battle to keep up with life's pace we tend to ignore relationships... the only thing for which we are running around all day... Valentine's Day is meant to pause our life, relax and enjoy our significant other and let them know how much they are appreaciated... This day is to celebrate the love that is still there despite of all the hardships... all the battles... all arguments...

    It's not about what presents you get... which sadly is the case with girls... they measure their love with the price tag on the gift... a simple rose or a walk on the beach holding hands... or just talking sitting by the fireplace says more than any gift can every say...

    Celebrate your love not put a price tag on it!

    Loved your post!!

    Mannat's World...

  10. I thank ,Simran, Chunky and mannat,for their comments and views in this regard..thanks a lot:)and i will definitely into your blog Mannat:)

  11. Well, Valentine's Day is actually being celebrated for all the wrong reasons these days. Cherish your love every single day, I'd say.

  12. I agree with your point of view.

    Love your post

  13. thanks to Rachna and talha..for your time and comments..

  14. Kiran, Valentine's Day is like the birthday of love, celebrate it but don't stop there, continue being in love and live your life normally. Distances strengthen the bonds of love and not weaken them ,if they do, you were never in love.Good post, Kiran.