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Well! I really can’t exactly tell u folks about myself and as people keep changing so do I. As my profession demands lots of travelling, so I get an opportunity to meet different people with different experiences, age and profession and a little bit of time for reading. So, I finally decided to pen some of these experiences and share with these with you. For me Life is a learning tool, which makes you shape yourself from each mistake. Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you have- I believe in this The Most.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A teaser from an Young Female Debut Indian author

This is a teaser from an very Young Fellow Blogger like everyone on Blogger and WordPress, turned into an author with her debut novel Entrapped. She happens to be my friend, which I am very proud to say it aloud.

I am trying my bit to market her novel on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger as a good will gesture because i have seen her work hard for it  and liked the way she presented the story. I request everyone who reads this post to do same, if u have liked it, like the way I did. I bet, while reading this Story, you will get a feeling not less than what you have got while reading Harry Potter.

She happens to be none other than Sneha Kedar. Meet her through the following links

Sneha Kedar
Paranormal-Fantasy Lovers
Sneha Kedar-Facebook

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chapter 2: Unusual Night

It was twelve o’ clock at night, when the restaurants, theaters and cafés close their doors and their patrons sent to the street after working for an hour more than usual on a weekend night, with the traffic still heavy on the roads, with the cars zipping and occasional cruising of the police patrolling cars with their sirens on.

The night was getting cooler with the freezing breeze and the snow was getting harder. The night seemed completely changing from what it was two hours back with no star shinning in the sky, though it wasn’t cloudy. There was silence looming everywhere, with no noise of the zipping cars and the lights which have gone down completely, increasing the feel of horror. This was unusual at this time of the year, where the weather generally is much hotter.

A six foot, two inch tall tired and lazy, sun burned face and auburn hair, brown eyes with merry and arrogant; a black t-shirt, mustard-coloured breeches; sleeping and hands clutched to the blanket on the couch like bolls of cotton. The cool air engulfed the whole room flown through the open window. The room was pitching dark, with no hint of light coming of anywhere. The sudden change in the climate had no effect on him till the pitch had gone to a highest volume set on the phone. The drowsy effect left him with no energy to move a little forward and look at who was calling. He again slept, thinking it as a nightmare. Once again the phone rang; this time the volume was much higher than earlier.

He woke up, cursing the person who has called him at this time of the night and squints on to his phone’s display, unable to read the characters in his drowsy state. He removed his blanket a little and suddenly felt a cold air gripping his body with chillness, which almost froze him. Without caring much about who has actually called, he wrapped the blanket around the body, with the lower part of the blanket getting dragged onto the floor, started to limp towards the open window; kicking and stamping everything which came on his way, with his half closed eyes.

His eyes brightens up, upon meeting the peculiar black sky, while stretching his hands to close the open window, to a unusual sky with neither the stars nor the moon nor it had signs of being cloudy and darkness has engulfed the whole city. While closing the window he found two unusual things with the phone and the open window, which was set on silent and closed the window before sleeping. After, much thought while walking back to his couch and the phone still ringing in a high pitch, he felt he has never done these before he slept and maybe it was yesterday or the day before.

Falls onto the couch lazily, fully tired; back to sleep with hands clutched back to his blanket. Woke up suddenly, to a sense of change with the window open again and the phone again ringing, his suspicion grew with fear and horror. He crushed his face deep into the smooth fabric of the couch; his hands to his chest and back to sleep, when his eyes reluctantly, much to his fear met the Clichéd numbers on display.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chapter 1: Messy Room

    A pile of discarded clothes and blankets covered in a heap, pouring out from the top of an unmade bed to the floor, which looked thou, it has never been cleaned.  The Triclinium was full with chocolate wrappers, scraps of the half eaten food, a few empty foster beer cans, ashtray flooded with cigarette buds and few empty cigarette packets. The couch on the right side of the room is moderately big enough, for one person to stay. The shoes and socks were lying all over the place were never given a proper place and the dustbin at the center of the room.

   A heavy layer of brownish-coloured dust covered the fully open books and magazines , which litter haphazardly on the table, the newspaper which started to turn yellow with exposure of lignin to air and sunlight, it’s one half suspended, was holding on under one of the books, and the other half clinging on towards the floor.

   The bed and the couch lie on the opposite sides of the room, with the teapoy just a few feet away from the couch, a 15.4” apple laptop, with its symbol still glowing and a scribbling pad beside it, had a pen resting on it, the ear phones still playing some kind music, a phone and a wallet, it looks thou this was the cleanest part of the whole room.

  To the right of the couch lies a window, towards the east, giving you a magnificent view of the city from a 21th floor of a 30 storied building. The Cupboard to the left of the bed and to the side of the door had books, which looked like they have never been opened; CD Case; a pile of unwashed clothes. The walls were fully covered with wall posters of different sizes, contents, varying from cars, bikes to few beautiful girls.

   Any Guest, would perhaps describes it as a Bachelor’s Room,typically messy, shabby and untidy. It also means that the person staying in here, has got much better work to do, instead of cleaning the room, which won’t stay clean for more than a day. Transition into adolescence is a time for change, which in stings to be independent, moving away from the family and close to friends, looking around the world, exploring new things. It is that time of the life, you want things to be the way to want, room to be the way to want it to be and dictate life in your own terms and conditions but this subconscious change into rebellion is often a threatening personality. The fires of rebellious youth will splutter and fizzle, and it will all come right in the end.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


The colour of blood remains same for an evil and a good doer.

The colour of your hair turns black to grey 
with the increase in wisdom.

The appetite decreases both with a good 
and bad meal.

Success depends on your failure.

I don’t get taller if I climb up the ladder.

Apologise has to come from your heart, but not
to show your wisdom

Everyone gets hurt from the love they expect.

Dolorous is an act of hopelessness

Being Obsequious is being a prostitute.

Eyes: a reason to know without speaking.

If you are late once, you will be late forever.

Writing is an art, which comes out from your heart.

Truth lies in the heart and the lies in the brain.

Complacency is not about the confidence that you can do, but it is a tool which will lead you to a disaster.

Wealth is about showing how powerful you are, which is of no use.

Marriage is a magic in itself.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cupid Strikes

Travelling from my home to my workplace listening to music from Boyzone, Beyonce or Justin Bieber and few others, and zipping through the roads looking for the beautiful girls on the either side of the roads, is my daily abode.

There are many girls who travel along with me on the roads, some are very attractive with their attire, some beautiful, some show to be beautiful and few are normal. Ever since I have grown up, I always felt for girls who can make or show better expressions. 

Yesterday, while I was on my routine, there was this girl, who zipped past through me and I hate this the most. With lots of the ego and anger, I increased the speed of my bike to equal hers, making me halt beside her at the signal. The eagerness to know, who she is, made me look at her, while she was looking at the reading of her bike.

 My weird glances towards her, made her look towards me and this is when my eyes meet hers. I was spell bound by the way she was and thought, “God has given her so beautiful eyes and that so big”, with the best part of her grey eyes was the liner, making eyes look innocent. The ego, the anger and the eager turned into a light in my eyes and delight in my gaze, with a smile on my face.  

I was looking at her black silky hair, which was flying with the air, obstructing me to watch her flair. She tired to adjust her hair, watching me doing it for her, bringing in a tingle of smile on her juicy, glossy wet lips. I was not aware of the signal which turned green while looking at her mole on her cheeks, which was cute, while she was trying to start to start her bike with many unsuccessful attempts, with the horns increasing behind both of us.

 Her bike started and I was still standing and watching her moving, making me move. I was watching her from behind into in order to get close to her; I observed her attire which was flawless, showing her built. I was looking at her through her rear mirror and she was looking at me through the same and moistening her lips. I was trying to maintain the same distance in order to watch her through the mirror, so that I can make sure she knows I like her. Watching her like this had an unknown excitement in me, but suddenly she had passed through the diversion road making me look at her for last time till Date.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daisy Lemmas Riff

Read my new Post on Daisy Lemmas Riff...It's my first Experimental Story ever written till Date. Hope you will all like it..


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Random Thoughts

                             Beautiful big black brown eye
                                       cladding eye brows
                                              is an art.

                         Strand of hair straggling over her
                                simply soft white cheeks
                           feel reluctant trying to evade
                    making me jealous and question myself
                              why couldn’t I be her hair ?

                           Hands on her cheeks or waist
                           taking her near and watching
                                         is a pleasure.

                            Always happy and smiling
                   avowed  by her moderate wet pink lips.
                     A beauty from heart and her looks,
                              Takes me for a delight..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

As we all know tomorrow is a Valentine’s Day, a doubt has raised in my mind, whether the purpose of the occasion is to express your feelings towards your love or is to promise your love that you will never let her go or is it both. The reason behind this was after all how many couples get united and get married to have a happy life.

Once a few months ago, I and my friend along with his girl friend and her friend were partying in their room and after the party got finished, both couples started pulling each others legs, which turned into a big fight and it went on till saying “I Hate You” and they both never again tired to meet. After looking into the details, I felt it could have been solved with in few minutes with a normal talk. There was one more instant, when I was working for Coke; I had an opportunity to work with a German Engineer, who told me that his girl friend bid Adieu for their relationship, because he was in some other country for three months on work and had no enough time for her.

After looking into many relationships like these, I felt where did all these feelings and promises go, which were shown on Valentine’s Day.  Are we diluting the importance of this day or are we not in a serious relationship or is it a day where you spend money for gifts, flowers & confectionaries to make the world believe that you are serious in love . I Agree that relationships break if one of them is a cheat or not serious or not truthful and a relationship does not exist if both of them are not serious or as many people call it as just for fun.

Both these points above are harmful for the environment of Love, which keep polluting the essence of Love and these spread across the societies like a virus, infecting the whole world. So, we all should not only celebrate the Day with lots of joy, love and happiness, but make sure that we ourselves don’t become the Virus.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blushing Tears

"Love is an emotion, a tolerance, a joy, a dependence, something which can turn sadness into a smile, a feeling which comes out for the first time, once in the whole life time.

The most beautiful thing ever happens, when a series of currents pass through your nerves bringing in shivers to our bowels, making you blush which you try as a smile but fail miserably, with the first touch of your love. It is the increase in emotions, arousals and tolerances with increase in each warm spittle of kisses, touches and caress.

Love can make you cross all boundaries, even up to telling your parents a lie, regarding a gift, bringing in a smile or a blush, making you stop to look at the mirror, making you blush again, making you sing, dance and stop you from changing your clothes, removing your trinkets.

Love can make your searching eyes turn wet, bringing in a sparkling smile or the beaming eyes with a nervous flutter in your heart. Love makes you discover how warm it feels when you hug; it’s about how the skin responds with compression, with warmth, with care, with touch creating a vaccum, when the lips meet.

It is a feeling which makes you feel proud, happy and confident in your life, with your love, all through your life.Love is about the intimacy, understanding, rolling, moves; making you feel nothing without your love; how happy you are bearing the pain for your loves comfort but not about the beauty of your love. 

 If you want peace find love, if you want happiness enjoy love, if you want love make love."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Arabian Phoenix

A corrupt, dictatorship government grapples countries towards poverty, unemployment, bad governance, government brutality, oppression , lack of resources like food, milk & water and education, which would in fact cause political unrests, protests, curfews and these are the factors which hamper, the so-called  basic fundamentals required for any country to prosperous and survive with peace and happiness. This is what is happening in the Arab World where people want to move from a dictatorship regime to a democratic one.  This has made the Arab world erupt and spread like virus, like never before to a signalling change of the magnitude not seen since the Islamic Revolution in Iran of 1979.  The youth in the countries like Tunisia, Egypt and few others in line want to see a radical change in the governance of their countries which is making them being pro-democratic because they have seen, understood and analysed the way the democratic models help countries rapidly flourish. Egypt, a country which has got more than 50% of the population between the ages of 20 to 35 years, is a potential sign for the country to prosper by emerging from the ashes like the Arabian phoenix.

The protest was held on the 25th of January and on the 28th which the Egyptians call the “The Angry Friday”. After two days of protest at the Cairo’s Tahrir Square, there has been enough evidence to show the 30 year old regime of the President Mr. Hosni Mubarak, where peaceful pro-democratic protestors were brutally attacked by the 50,000 odd pro Hosni Mubarak supporters with knives and rods, because the protesters have refused to call off the protests by entrenching themselves at the Tahrir Square, Cairo saying “They will continue demonstrating until he leaves”. The protestors included some of the Egyptian finest minds- filmmakers, intellectuals, young tech-savvy diehards who want social, democratic and economic reforms. The violent turn has caused at least five deaths in addition to the 300 that the United Nations estimates have already occurred across the country and more than 1,500 people are believed to have been injured since the mass protests started nine days ago.

Egyptian President’s vague ideas to implement political and economic reforms and his specific moves to appoint the Vice-president and the Interior Ministry by a retired general who were no more  than a smokescreen. It is believed that when President Ben Ali was ousted from Tunisia he made off with around £2bn dollars in personal wealth creamed off his country which includes one ton of gold. It's impossible to know precise numbers but analysts believe Hosni Mubarak has amassed a personal wealth of up to ten billion dollars - a conservative estimate even would be two billion dollars. He has houses across the world from London to Bahrain. His assets in London alone are thought to be worth around fifty million pounds. It is impossible to know for sure at this stage whether or not Mubarak will survive until September. He has said he will "die on Egyptian soil". At 82-years of age, it is clear he does not want to leave the country.

If we look at the other side of the coin, because the turmoil in Cairo will have dramatic effect on the oil prices, even though Egypt produces no oil, but 2 % of the global oil passes through the Suez Canal and 8 % of the global trading happens through this same canal. Egypt is already suffering with the loss of tourism – a huge earner for its people. The major concern is that the possibility of revolution could spread across the Arab world – and particularly North Africa – to other resource-rich nations such as Algeria, which has natural gas, Libya, which has oil, and even the Gulf states. A fundamentalist regime in Cairo would also threaten peace in the Middle East – and the prospect of conflict and instability always threatens oil prices.

Egypt is of vital importance for U.S and the Western World because of its influence in the Arab World. Even in this crises situation, it so disappointing to say that the U.S, Western countries and Israel try to show their might and try to interfere by establishing links with Muslim brotherhood because they need someone in power in Egypt with whom they can do business with, unfortunately President Hosni Mubarak is a Yesterday’s Man and so the Muslim Brotherhood which have a very different agenda.  If the Egyptians secure social, democratic and economic reforms, then it will be a better place to live in, which would bring greater freedom for public gatherings and freedom of speech. Democratic reform would give an opportunity for free and fair elections. This also depends upon who comes to power. Relatively, Egypt is one of the countries in the Arab World doing better but people still face high food prices and unemployment.

My Love

Wandering aimlessly in the cold dark nights
thinking where and when will it end?
One night my eyes meet with a charismatic spark
Looking for it, I went through the boggy roads,
My heart lurched seeing her with glittering eyes
Dropping curtains to a much awaited wait…..

I spent the whole day thinking of her each morning,
And dreaming of her each night,
I cannot express my delight,
When I dream of her arms holding me tight.

She is sweet and her smile is the best
Her laugh bring flutters to my chest
she makes me feel all warm and silly
She looks so ‘Cute’ when she blushes,
Making me mush.

I like the way she smells,
maybe like a jasmine or rose or lilies
I like the way she walks,
her voice as sweet as the singing larks

Flaring of her nose is a reason for me to live, to stay,
I don’t dance but I would love to hold her when she does.
And twinkle in her eyes takes my breath away,
There is lot to say but your eyes are not letting say..

Seeing these in her,
I pinched myself to know,
If she is real or am I dreaming
Is it hot in here or is it just her?

-From a philander turned true lover….