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Well! I really can’t exactly tell u folks about myself and as people keep changing so do I. As my profession demands lots of travelling, so I get an opportunity to meet different people with different experiences, age and profession and a little bit of time for reading. So, I finally decided to pen some of these experiences and share with these with you. For me Life is a learning tool, which makes you shape yourself from each mistake. Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you have- I believe in this The Most.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cupid Strikes

Travelling from my home to my workplace listening to music from Boyzone, Beyonce or Justin Bieber and few others, and zipping through the roads looking for the beautiful girls on the either side of the roads, is my daily abode.

There are many girls who travel along with me on the roads, some are very attractive with their attire, some beautiful, some show to be beautiful and few are normal. Ever since I have grown up, I always felt for girls who can make or show better expressions. 

Yesterday, while I was on my routine, there was this girl, who zipped past through me and I hate this the most. With lots of the ego and anger, I increased the speed of my bike to equal hers, making me halt beside her at the signal. The eagerness to know, who she is, made me look at her, while she was looking at the reading of her bike.

 My weird glances towards her, made her look towards me and this is when my eyes meet hers. I was spell bound by the way she was and thought, “God has given her so beautiful eyes and that so big”, with the best part of her grey eyes was the liner, making eyes look innocent. The ego, the anger and the eager turned into a light in my eyes and delight in my gaze, with a smile on my face.  

I was looking at her black silky hair, which was flying with the air, obstructing me to watch her flair. She tired to adjust her hair, watching me doing it for her, bringing in a tingle of smile on her juicy, glossy wet lips. I was not aware of the signal which turned green while looking at her mole on her cheeks, which was cute, while she was trying to start to start her bike with many unsuccessful attempts, with the horns increasing behind both of us.

 Her bike started and I was still standing and watching her moving, making me move. I was watching her from behind into in order to get close to her; I observed her attire which was flawless, showing her built. I was looking at her through her rear mirror and she was looking at me through the same and moistening her lips. I was trying to maintain the same distance in order to watch her through the mirror, so that I can make sure she knows I like her. Watching her like this had an unknown excitement in me, but suddenly she had passed through the diversion road making me look at her for last time till Date.


  1. hahaaa... very well written....
    it really gives me the same feeling when some one pases me by overtaking my bike.....
    BTW did you noted down her vehicle number or not..:)

  2. Lol, cute post! But make sure you keep your eyes on the road so you don't have an accident! :p

  3. LOL..
    First sight attraction..Hmm
    Nicely described :)

  4. Infatuations are so pleasant .So "aakhon hi aakhon me ishara ho gaya" ...and ended up nowhere?:)))

  5. hope you get a second chance. they call it karma,give her that name, till you know it is to blame. then call it love if you meet again. keep looking, good luck. good post gb

  6. dude...this is awesome post... You are the voice of all the crazy bachelors, who in some way or the other, adore the beautiful girls. Very well scribbled Kiran.

  7. Believe in the universe, if you are meant to meet her again, you will. Cute post.

  8. hahaha you explained it very well....is it the true incident?

  9. Romantic person aren't you..
    i'm curious about your sun-sign..
    good post though :)

  10. I thank everyone for their comments.. will definitely write better in future..:)

  11. haha good post.
    next time don't forget the vechile number :P

  12. Ya sure..I am still searching for her..:)..thanks a lot for ur time..:)

  13. lol.. u listen to boyszone??? :D
    what you 13??? :) Hehe :)

    PS: I have told u how I felt about the post, this is just to make fun of you!! :P

  14. Nice post. Strangers seem more beautiful always:)

  15. THanks for ur comments..:)Arpita