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Well! I really can’t exactly tell u folks about myself and as people keep changing so do I. As my profession demands lots of travelling, so I get an opportunity to meet different people with different experiences, age and profession and a little bit of time for reading. So, I finally decided to pen some of these experiences and share with these with you. For me Life is a learning tool, which makes you shape yourself from each mistake. Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you have- I believe in this The Most.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chapter 1: Messy Room

    A pile of discarded clothes and blankets covered in a heap, pouring out from the top of an unmade bed to the floor, which looked thou, it has never been cleaned.  The Triclinium was full with chocolate wrappers, scraps of the half eaten food, a few empty foster beer cans, ashtray flooded with cigarette buds and few empty cigarette packets. The couch on the right side of the room is moderately big enough, for one person to stay. The shoes and socks were lying all over the place were never given a proper place and the dustbin at the center of the room.

   A heavy layer of brownish-coloured dust covered the fully open books and magazines , which litter haphazardly on the table, the newspaper which started to turn yellow with exposure of lignin to air and sunlight, it’s one half suspended, was holding on under one of the books, and the other half clinging on towards the floor.

   The bed and the couch lie on the opposite sides of the room, with the teapoy just a few feet away from the couch, a 15.4” apple laptop, with its symbol still glowing and a scribbling pad beside it, had a pen resting on it, the ear phones still playing some kind music, a phone and a wallet, it looks thou this was the cleanest part of the whole room.

  To the right of the couch lies a window, towards the east, giving you a magnificent view of the city from a 21th floor of a 30 storied building. The Cupboard to the left of the bed and to the side of the door had books, which looked like they have never been opened; CD Case; a pile of unwashed clothes. The walls were fully covered with wall posters of different sizes, contents, varying from cars, bikes to few beautiful girls.

   Any Guest, would perhaps describes it as a Bachelor’s Room,typically messy, shabby and untidy. It also means that the person staying in here, has got much better work to do, instead of cleaning the room, which won’t stay clean for more than a day. Transition into adolescence is a time for change, which in stings to be independent, moving away from the family and close to friends, looking around the world, exploring new things. It is that time of the life, you want things to be the way to want, room to be the way to want it to be and dictate life in your own terms and conditions but this subconscious change into rebellion is often a threatening personality. The fires of rebellious youth will splutter and fizzle, and it will all come right in the end.


  1. And when your rebellion ends, you'll come to the conclusion that the only person to clean your room is you. Get out the shovel. hahaha

  2. There will come a time when you won't be able to find your things hidden under the layers of clothes and wrappers. Then you will bring out the vacuum cleaner,until then,enjoy.

  3. I fet like puking.My brother too is ditoo the same.How on earth will u find your things?:))Anyways I loved the way you described the house in pride:)Narration style was remarkable.

  4. Thanks a lot Anna, Sulekha and Raji..But my room doesn't seem to be so untidy.

  5. gr8 job kiran..waiitng for other chapters ;)

  6. hey u took it seriously ..i was just kidding.:))

  7. Hi Raji, i haven't taken it seriously. But this chapter 1 is one of the chapters of my story, and i still need to write the rest of them..:)

  8. Strike a balance between good messy and clean :) That's what i do.

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    Found ya thru 20 sb.

    Heart this blog :)

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  9. Thanks a Lot..Will follow ur's

  10. Its a mystery to me..the way people endure messy rooms..

  11. this was fun to read...something i could completely relate to.:)....n the end was so apt."The fires of rebellious youth will splutter and fizzle, and it will all come right in the end."...:)....loved readin it....